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360W 2U Standard Public Address Mixer Amplifier 3 AUX line 2 MIC Input 1 AUX Output


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360W 2U Standard Public Address Mixer Amplifier 3 AUX line 2 MIC Input 1 AUX Output

Mixer Amplifier is one of important part of Public Address System, it is also called PA Pre Amplifier. You can choose 70W,130W, 260W, 360W, 500W or 660W depends on your needs. 
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EC-PVS-PA360W     Public Address Mixer Amplifier 360W


1. Standard device crate design, 2U Aluminium alloy panel; Humanized design, Pretty and practical

2. 3 AUX line input(AUX1,2,3), every single channel can adjust volume independently.

3. 1 line output can connect with power amplifier to expand power.

4. 2-way microphone input (MIC 1,2);  The MIC1 has highest priority and function of forced-cut priority. Every single channel can adjust volume independently.

5. Channel MIC2 is attached with Aux In.

6. Knob "TREBLE" and "BASS" adjust volume independently.

7. Adopt Field-Effect Tube pre-amplifier, traditional transformer audion push-pull circuit,transmitted tone pretty and pure.

8. Built-in 2 filter(High Pass filter and Low-Pass Filter), it will clip wave and restore signal to insure integrated line security.

9. Reliable protection and warning function: relevant indicator light will flicker to hint the operator if there are the conditions of overlarge input signal, overweight load and short circuit.

10. Perfect temperature protection measure: Adopting large current high-speed fan, low noise and excellent heat dissipation effect. The temperature protection circuit will start fan automatically when the temperature of device goes up. What's more, the rotating speed of the fan will enhance automatically with rising of device temperature.

11. 2 kinds of power output mode: Constant voltage ouput 100V,70V; Rated resistane ouput 4~16 Ω


Model: EC-PVS-PA360W

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

Power: 360W

Output Mode: 4~16Ω balanced output, 70V/100V Constant voltage output

Auxiliary Output:  600Ω  1V(0dB)

Input: MIC1.2:600Ω 20mv, AUX 1,2, 3:15KΩ 150mv imbalance

Frequency Response: 80Hz~15KHz

THD (Total Harmoni Distortion): Less than 1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power

SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): Microphone1  2: 66 dB        AUX1 -3: 80dB

Volume Control: Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz   Treble: ±10dB at 10KHz

Protection: DC ouput, Overloading, Overheating, short circuit

Silent Sound Function: MIC1 input cover other input, highest priority

Power consumption: 450W

Amplifier size (L*W*H): 484x420x88mm

Net Weight: 18KG

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