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Bluetooth Wiegand Access Control Reader 26 Bits 34 Bits Output IP66 13.56MHz MF 125KHz EM Mobile


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Bluetooth Wiegand Access Control Reader 26 Bits 34 Bits Output IP66 13.56MHz MF 125KHz EM Mobile

26/34 bits output bluetooth wiegand access control reader can open the door by MF Card, EM card and Mobile Phone through bluetooth or APP.
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EC-ACS-BWR01    Bluetooth Wiegand Reader

What is Wiegand?

The Wiegand agreement is a globally harmonized standard and a communication protocol developed by Motorola. It is suitable for many features relating to card readers and cards for access control systems. It has many formats, the standard 26-bit should be the most commonly used format. In addition, there are 34-bit, 37-bit and other formats. The standard 26-bit format is an open format, which means anyone can buy a specific format HID card, and these specific format is publicly available. The 26-Bit format is a widely used industry standard and is open to all HID users. Almost all access control systems accept the standard 26-bit format.


• Metal case, anti-vandal

• IP66 waterproof

• Wiegand 26bits/34bits output

• 2 ways to open the door: card or mobile phone

• Card type: 13.56MHz Mifare card (BWR01 BT MF) or 125KHz EM Card (BWR01 BT EM)

• Support opening the door through Bluetooth(version: 4.0 above), APP supports iOS7.0 above, Android 4.3 above

• Support Super Master / Master sending Remote E-key to others

• Wiegand output format: card number








Bluetooth Version:4.0 Above

<30m (relate to environment)



iOS7.0 above, Android 4.3 above

Operation Voltage

12V DC

Standby Current





Card Type

Mifare card

EM card

Card Reading Distance


Output Format

34 bits Wiegand (default)

26 bits available upon request

Operating Temperature

-20 oC ~ 60 oC (-4 oF ~ 140 oF)

Operating Humidity

0% to 98% RH

Index of Protection




Net Weight

Shipment Weight

Zinc-Alloy Enclosure

10.3L X 4.8W X 1.9 H(cm)




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