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Digital IP School Public Address System Solution Campus PA Audio Management


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Digital IP School Public Address System Solution Campus PA Audio Management

IP School Public Address System Solution is common and necessary to use for background music and public broadcast in School.
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EC-PVS-SS1   School Public Address System Solution

According to the different areas of the school and the different broadcasting function requirements, we need to design different way for broadcasting. And then,the broadcast control room can control and broadcast the whole IP PA system of school through the main controller according to different requirement in each area and period of the school. In the School Public Address System Solution, we need to consider three parts: public address system, emergency broadcast system and call broadcast system. That means it should be compatible with background music system, voice broadcasting system and fire emergency broadcast system.

The school Public Address system is mainly used to provide regular fixed-point open system management and daily broadcast notifications, and can also further realize the partition control broadcasting function. According to the actual requirements and characteristics of the school, and with the advanced equipment, reliability and economic considerations, the Elzoneta digital network PA system is selected as the main equipment. It contains quality sound, simple and convenient operation, centralized function, and the reasonable and concise configuration. Also, with the rich experience in the PA system area, we can provide a full set of solutions to make your project fully meet the requirements.

School PA System Solution Structure:

School Public Address System Solution

School Public Address System Solution Related:

EC-PVS-SC1006-16    16ch Sequence Controller

EC-PVS-DCR35E         Double Cassette Recorder

EC-PVS-DM35D          DVD/MP3 Player

EC-PVS-ST35F            FM/AM Stereo Tuner

EC-PVS-SPC1088        Schedule Player Centre

EC-PVS-DMC9288       IP Network Digital Mixing Console

EC-PVS-FA9019          IP Network Fire Alarm Matrix

EC-PVS-NC9000          IP network PA central control PC

EC-PVS-WS9005         Network Wall Mounted Speaker

EC-PVS-MP9026         Network Broadcast Intercom Microphone

EC-PVS-PA                 IP Power Amplifier

EC-PVS-OCS603         Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker

EC-PVS-WT9003         IP network Wall Mounted Terminal

EC-PVS-WS309B         Wall Mounted Speaker(Wooden)

EC-PVS-WS306W        Wall Mounted Speaker(Metal Net Cover)

EC-PVS-RT9004          IP Rack Mounted Terminal

EC-PVS-WMP802        True Diversity PLL Wireless Microphones (2 Handholds)

EC-PVS-PA11P            Pre-Amplifier

EC-PVS-PA1000          1000W HiFi Power Amplifier


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