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Elzoneta's Business Trip to Botswana


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Elzoneta's Business Trip to Botswana


Elzoneta's Business Trip to Botswana

The Sub-Saharan Africa, a land full of vigour and magic, is the heaven of wild animals and tourist, also an important place to start the dream of Elzoneta. How spectacular the Kilimanjaro is!  We cannot help marveling for it when the plane flies over the mountain. I realize that I have set my feet onto a new land, and am about to begin my journey.  Hello, Botswana! we come now, the early summer on this December of 2019. Words can hardly describe how excited we are.

It is cloudy when the plane arrives at Sir Seretse Khama international airport in Gaborone. We are given a warm welcome and a grand reception by Mr Innocent couple and his partner, let us do not feel tired after the long flights for 22 hrs, So appreciated! It has been heavy raining for three days since we arrived, means Pula is coming. (The pula is the currency of Botswana. Pula literally means "rain" in Setswana, because rain is very scarce in Botswana - home to much of the Kalahari Desert - and therefore valuable. Pula also means "blessing" as rain is a blessing to these desert people.) How lucky it is! Botswana is a beautiful country with its vast expanse of land and small population. Street is clean and safe, the people are friendly and the pace of life here is much slower than most Chinese cities, many nice cars on the street and beautiful villas proved this is a rich country, even the poor families can also enjoy free housing provided by the government. The hotel we stay in is African style design, with full monitor system by our Elzoneta cameras.

Some Introduce about Canterquip (PTY) LTD with Elzoneta

Canterquip(PTY) LTD, the general agent of Elzonetas CCTV cameras system business in Botswana from 2018 till now. Time flies like an arrow! It seems as if that had happened only yesterday. In December, 2017, Elzoneta received the first inquiry from Mr Innocent, CEO of Canterquip (PTY) LTD about camera demands for fish ponds project. After one months communication for selecting product, Mr Innocent confirmed the first order about USD 1,100. After that, several orders of small project were made in 2018. However, limited by IP system technology, Mr Innocent came to Elzoneta took 3-days training in April, 2018 and visit our factory again, have a deeply discussion together on business plan for how to manage business well according to market search. With deep understanding and more confidence to Elzoneta, Mr Innocent open the first our brand shop by invest funds about USD13,000 in Gaborone, Botswana on the April,2019. In the next six months, he held 4 times of training in Gaborone and brought up some suitable distributors, meanwhile, some conference fairs and outdoor advertising campaign for Product propaganda. In second half of 2019, Canterquips purchase amount is growing close to USD 100,000. Now Canterquip is planing to open the second brand shop and invite Elzoneta team to visit Botswana for shop design, marketing, advertising, distributor team building and new product launch, etc. See what happened for just a year a half, we believe with ambitions, hard working, right ways and strong execution our dreams come true.

Current Botswana

Botswana, The Kingdom of Diamond, because of the governmental clean-fingered and efficient, stability and investment environmental safety, has become one of the fastest growing and best economies in Africa, GDP per capital is ahead of other African countries. In recent years, Botswana has gradually improved its infrastructure by increasing investment, such as building and expanding airports, roads, dams, power stations and water pipelines. The current infrastructure construction mainly is used to develop the logistics transportation, provides the electricity and the water conservancy service for pillar industry: mining industry, animal husbandry and light manufacturing. Meanwhile, Botswana government attaches great importance to protect the local ecological environment and wild animal, develop tourism industry into the second newly-rising pillar industry, thus greatly promote the local service industry. As one of the most potential market of development in Africa nowadays, under the background of "One Belt And One Road" jointly built by China and Africa, Botswana is getting more attention from more Chinese enterprise, the same is true for Elzoneta.

Market Research

To understand the local market well, Elzoneta did some deep market research in Gaborone: Most of CCTV products come from South Africa, 85% is AHD, IP 15% only; People are limited on the knowledge of IP camera and technology solution; Population is not very big but many rich and middle class, thus a lot of potential demands of CCTV camera on villa, shop, farm, hotel, office management and some government public projects; Just few mixed shops have a few of CCTV products for selling, no brand shop of CCTV camera.

Face to Face Meeting with Canterquips Distributor

In our agents shop, Elzoneta had a face to face meeting with Canterquips distributors from other cities and towns, focus on the feedbacks of their end user experience, technical questions, market potential demands and how to manage CCTV business well together; meanwhile had a detailed introduce to new products; In addition, Elzoneta issued the certificate of training to some excellent distributors who had passed test on training in previous period.

Elzonetas new Product Launch

To penetrate into local market, Elzoneta and Canterquip invited government officials on security department and some powerful security company to attend formal conference meeting about new product launch. On the one hand, deepen their knowledge into Elzoneta brand, and on the other hand, promote new technology of CCTV system into this market, such as AI tracking, 4K, Face detection camera, etc. Both sides had a serious discussion on product and project solution support for more deep cooperation.

Project Solution

How to make a right solution according to clients real demand and the actual using environment is difficult to local security company but necessity. Elzoneta visit some big security projects with local security company as partnership, such as PA system update project of government public hospital, CCTV system project of Botswana normal college, etc. Elzoneta will make CAD design and installation instructions according to the plan of project, ensure it is available to actual environment and clients real demands.

In a word, Elzoneta and agents will integrate into Botswana security market together by excellent products, technology and maintenance, meanwhile run more outdoor advertising such as billboard to deepen the brand publicity, and cooperate with local security company to boost the CCTV market by new technology. For West Africa and Southern Africa, we are look forward to set up brand office near future to support our agents with shop and their clients. We believe The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.

Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.