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Elzoneta's Business Trip to Nigeria


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Elzoneta's Business Trip to Nigeria


Elzoneta’ s business trip to Nigeria

September 20, 2019 is a memorable day. On this day, we set foot on Nigeria for the first time, the largest population and economy in Africa. Our plane took off from Guangzhou BaiYun International Airport and landed at Lagos International Airport after 22 hours of flight. Thank you so much for our old client Mr Ibrahim picked us in airport and took us to the EKO international hotel which is locate in the Victoria Island of Logos. It is very nice hotel, international style, backed by the Atlantic Ocean, complete facilities, good service and customers are from different countries everything make us feel comfortable.

What we have done in the next week in Lagos? As follows;

. Visited our old clients’ company, shop and showroom;

. Visited our old clients’ customers’ company and did products show there to persuade them to use our products;

. Did training in client’s company on technical and answered their questions;

. Had face to face meeting and talked very deeply on business plan.

We started to go to our second destination-Owerri


YUGEE TECHNIGAL SOLUTIONS, the agent of ELzoneta’s CCTV cameras system business in IMO states, Nigeria from 2019. As a comprehensive enterprise, YUGEE is involved in multiple businesses, such as public construction, food, and public security. It is worth mentioning that the CCTV security camera system business was only started in 2018 from cooperation our company. Time fly like an arrow ! It seems as if that just happened only in yesterday. In December, 2017, Elzoneta received the first inquiry from Mr Chinedu, CEO of YUGEE, on CCTV cameras and would like to find a good supplier as its distributor in Nigeria from 2018. After two month checking, Mr Chinedu made first order from our company about amount USD 8,000 as first samples. So what did YUGEE do next? Mr Chinedu who has always been meticulous in his work, he is not in a hurry to sell our products to the market, but did something instead as follows;

. He also purchased some CCTV cameras from UNIVIEW which company is one of most famous brand over the world.

. Opened the showroom of CCTV camera system products, which almost follow our company’s CAD design;

. Installed our Elzoneta’s cameras and UNIVIEW in his shops, offices, factories and villas so as to checking and comparing these two brands’ quality in entire sides such as definition of pictures, stability, watertight etc;

. Organized the sale and engineers team.

After six months of comprehensive confirmation and comparison of Elzoneta and UNIVIEW brands, Mr Chinedu finally chose Elzoneta as their company's partner. We appreciate that ! Thank you so much. Through the efforts of both parties and customers to trust us, the next orders are basically more than 50,000 US dollars. See what happened for just a year and a half, we believe with ambitions, hard working, right ways and strong execution our dreams come true.

What we did in Owerri ?

Two days theoretical training on CCTV camera surveillance system, one day on Practical operation. Our training mainly including as follows;

. What are the benefits of CCTV cameras security system products for our daily life?

. Knowledge and operation of Elzoneta products;

. The difference between the AHD system and IP system;

. How to properly install the camera and some precautions?

. Troubleshoot common problems and basic solutions;

. How to organize and manage the sale team well?  How to raise up the level of sale amount ?

Guidance on site visits and solutions for security system projects

Here in Nigeria people even the engineers are limited in full security system solutions when they are going to handle the projects, so how to make a suitable solution according to client’s real demands and the actual using environment is difficult to local security company but necessity. Our Elzoneta team spent three days checking some projects such as four stars hotel, big residential area, shopping mall, university, main streets etc. We would like show the pictures as follows.

In-depth analysis and discussion of the next business plan

Through a week's market survey of Owerri, and in-depth analysis of some current problems of the agent, Mr Winston zhou, our CEO with Mr Chinedu have about 4 hours face to face meeting on suggestions to business plan in future. We would like to notice as follows;

We feel still have some problems need to solve

. Since the company runs multiple businesses, factory, construction projects and CCTV cameras security, so too much busy would be. Anyhow you need take more time to manage CCTV security system business in future. If have very good manager in charge some works for you would be better;

. Ensure have a big screen working on some cameras so as to show the quality of cameras to your clients who enter your shop and get interests;

. Serious management to warehouse, warehouse is a very important area where almost full of very expensive goods inside so should keep security, while the fate is all your stuffs will enter freely during the working time at the present. Do you think that would be risk in lost some stocks somehow in future?

We suggestion two ways to solve that problem;

1, Assign the trusted stuffs (one or two not more) in charge warehouse, others not allow enter the warehouse;

2, Making three documents, sale invoice, Goods entry warehouse registration form and Goods out warehouse registration form. All these document holders must sign meanwhile

the stuffs who in charge the documents should submit the documents and reports to the boss every month. As for these three kinds of documents' format we will make the sample of them and send to you soon.

3, Ensure your stuffs do not know your cost of business, the risk of the problems i had explained to you in details in your office. Try to give commission to your sales from total amount.

Suggestions on installation

. Choosing good quality network cable, indoor CAT5e is enough;

. Try to use one brand of CCTV camera system products for your projects, that will be more stable;

. Good design and solutions are very important for the big projects. Our company will handle it very well, any time you need just inform us.

Suggestions on business plan

. Open a new shop which is the place should be the landmark of Owerri like the biggest shopping mall or main streets. Once your company move this way that will big promotion for your company's business that your company will be known very soon on the one hand, on the other hand, it will provide advantages to organize good sales team very soon. As for the design, poster, banners and flyers our company will support;

. Install some billboards in the middle of main streets or the rich people’s residential areas, we can support the design. As we know such this way is the one of the most effective on advertising;

. Making the most of your good relationship with the government to manage the business way of Monopoly mode;

. Our company accepts your request that as our agent in IMO STATE of NIGERIA, we will support your company very well all the time.

The current of Nigeria and what we will do?

. Nigeria will be the biggest market of security system products replace South Africa soon but people there almost limited knowledge in what are the benefits in our daily life. Market needs us to boost more!

. Most of manufacturers and suppliers define Nigeria as market that only can accept cheap, low technology Ahd system products, even Hikvison,Dohua etc, while Nigeria have many rich people especially young groups who like new intelligent technology and high quality products so much and no care price at all;

. Most of native suppliers are limited in security system technology, for example they even do not know the differences between Ahd camera system and Ip camera system after doing this business for 3 years. Need more professional and power company to cover it in future. We really don't want to see that there are many imitations of big brands in the market, because some businesses are chasing the ball at low prices to grab customers.

. There are still very few areas have been installed CCTV cameras in Nigeria now, while that few areas which be installed cameras almost very low analog system cameras. So such this business is very new in your country and still have not many brands in your market, we have good chance in future.

In a word Nigeria market need more promotion, training, good reputation companies and new technology products to boost for its growing up in future. Who will win when get this chance.

When you go through the above, it is not difficult to find out what our company can do for our customers. While promoting our products and services, we are more concerned about the actual problems and needs of our customers in the process of business growth. This is Elzoneta’s consistent purpose for our customers. Welcome to Elzoneta CCTV security family! Let us hand in hand on business, we believe with ambitions, hard working, right ways and strong execution our dreams come true.


Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.

Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.