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International Distributor Agential Proposal Agreements from Elzonteta


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International Distributor Agential Proposal Agreements from Elzonteta

As the market’s ever increasing for the security system’s products meanwhile many clients have the requirements for the Distributor Agential, some rules should be drafted from Elzoneta to raise awareness and competitiveness.

Approval conditions
The distributor should be a legally registered company which is engaged in the security system business at least two years. Have a certain current funds, good reputation and management, legal license for shop and related work experience of security are necessity.

Complete operational team with relevant experience. Ensure more than one engineer, an installer, 2 sales, and corresponding office equipments.

The target purchase quota from Elzoneta would be USD 150,000 totally each year. Ensure the actual purchase volume is over the 80% of target purchase quota, means USD 120,000, otherwise our company will reconsider the possibility of agency authorization.

The distributors have to follow the sales’ policy of Elzoneta seriously. Cross regional sales are usually not allowed unless getting approval from Elzoneta.

Preferential policy for the Distributors
Any distributor agent will enjoy the most favorable agent price means you cannot find the cheaper products from Elzoneta than yours in the native market.

Elzoneta will devote adverting in Google adwords all the year and make sure it is on the first page so that our brand and products with high exposure rate in the market.

Through a year investigation, The distributor with excellent performance would be selected as image agency and be spread in Company’s official website (

Elzoneta will pay 3% of actual purchase volume in the year as a reward, when the distributor’s purchasing is over the target purchase quota USD 150,000.

Any clients who have purchasing intention from Elzoneta meanwhile need native service probably, would be recommended by Elzoneta with priority. However, distributors have responsibility to recommend the products of Elzoneta.

Elzonteta provide FREE service for drawing CAD of security system projects, when the distributors’ purchase amount over USD 10,000. Make sure products that will be used to the projects are from Elzoneta, otherwise are not available.

Elzoneta have technology supporting all the time from the internet online. Some excellent distributors will enjoy the on-site training of the security system technology once through the approval by Elzoneta.

Sustainable growth of demands and oven 4 distributors in target market of country, Elzoneta will open the branch office there for supporting to our distributors, quantity stocks, warehouse service, training, security system solutions etc. Do concerned with statement that branch office of Elzoneta will never participate in the business with clients except our distributors.


Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.

Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.