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  • Elzoneta's Business Trip to Nigeria


    Elzoneta’ s business trip to Nigeria September 20, 2019 is a memorable day. On this day, we set foot on Nigeria for the first time, the largest population and economy in Africa. Our plane took off from Guangzhou BaiYun International Airport and landed at Lagos International Airport after 22 hours of flight. Thank you so much for our old client Mr Ibrahim picked us in airport and took us to the EKO international hotel which is locate in the Victoria Island of Logos. It is very nice hotel, international style, backed by the Atlantic Ocean, complete facilities, good service and customers are from different countries everything make us feel comfortable. What we have done in the next week in Lagos? As follows; . Visited our old clients’ company, shop and showroom; . Visited our old clients’ customers’ company and did products show there to persuade them to use our products; . Did training in client’s company on technical and answered their questions; . Had face to face meeting and talked very deeply on business plan. We started to go to our second destination-Owerri Introduce of YUGEE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS WITH Elzoneta YUGEE TECHNIGAL SOLUTIONS, the agent of ELzoneta’s CCTV cameras system business in IMO states, Nigeria from 2019. As a comprehensive enterprise, YUGEE is involved in multiple businesses, such as public construction, food, and public security. It is worth mentioning that the CCTV security camera system business was only started in 2018 from cooperation our company. Time fly like an arrow ! It seems as if that just happened only in yesterday. In December, 2017, Elzoneta received the first inquiry from Mr Chinedu, CEO of YUGEE, on CCTV cameras and would like to find a good supplier as its distributor in Nigeria from 2018. After two month checking, Mr Chinedu made first order from our company about amount USD 8,000 as first samples. So what did YUGEE do next? Mr Chinedu who has always been meticulous in his work, he is not in a hurry to sell our products to the market, but did something instead as follows; . He also purchased some CCTV cameras from UNIVIEW which company is one of most famous brand over the world. . Opened the showroom of CCTV camera system products, which almost follow our company’s CAD design; . Installed our Elzoneta’s cameras and UNIVIEW in his shops, offices, factories and villas so as to checking and comparing these two brands’ quality in entire sides such as definition of pictures, stability, watertight etc; . Organized the sale and engineers team. After six months of comprehensive confirmation and comparison of Elzoneta and UNIVIEW brands, Mr Chinedu finally chose Elzoneta as their company's partner. We appreciate that ! Thank you so much. Through the efforts of both parties and customers to trust us, the next orders are basically more than 50,000 US dollars. See what happened for just a year and a half, we believe with ambitions, hard working, right ways and strong execution our dreams come true. What we did in Owerr...

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    Elzoneta's Business Trip to Nigeria
  • Elzoneta's Business Trip to Botswana


    Elzoneta's Business Trip to Botswana The Sub-Saharan Africa, a land full of vigour and magic, is the heaven of wild animals and tourist, also an important place to start the dream of Elzoneta. How spectacular the Kilimanjaro is!  We cannot help marveling for it when the plane flies over the mountain. I realize that I have set my feet onto a new land, and am about to begin my journey.  Hello, Botswana! we come now, the early summer on this December of 2019. Words can hardly describe how excited we are. It is cloudy when the plane arrives at Sir Seretse Khama international airport in Gaborone. We are given a warm welcome and a grand reception by Mr Innocent couple and his partner, let us do not feel tired after the long flights for 22 hrs, So appreciated! It has been heavy raining for three days since we arrived, means “Pula” is coming. (The pula is the currency of Botswana. Pula literally means "rain" in Setswana, because rain is very scarce in Botswana - home to much of the Kalahari Desert - and therefore valuable. Pula also means "blessing" as rain is a blessing to these desert people.) How lucky it is! Botswana is a beautiful country with its vast expanse of land and small population. Street is clean and safe, the people are friendly and the pace of life here is much slower than most Chinese cities, many nice cars on the street and beautiful villas proved this is a rich country, even the poor families can also enjoy free housing provided by the government. The hotel we stay in is African style design, with full monitor system by our Elzoneta cameras. Some Introduce about Canterquip (PTY) LTD with Elzoneta Canterquip(PTY) LTD, the general agent of Elzoneta’s CCTV cameras system business in Botswana from 2018 till now. Time flies like an arrow! It seems as if that had happened only yesterday. In December, 2017, Elzoneta received the first inquiry from Mr Innocent, CEO of Canterquip (PTY) LTD about camera demands for fish ponds project. After one month’s communication for selecting product, Mr Innocent confirmed the first order about USD 1,100. After that, several orders of small project were made in 2018. However, limited by IP system technology, Mr Innocent came to Elzoneta took 3-days training in April, 2018 and visit our factory again, have a deeply discussion together on business plan for how to manage business well according to market search. With deep understanding and more confidence to Elzoneta, Mr Innocent open the first our brand shop by invest funds about USD13,000 in Gaborone, Botswana on the April,2019. In the next six months, he held 4 times of training in Gaborone and brought up some suitable distributors, meanwhile, some conference fairs and outdoor advertising campaign for Product propaganda. In second half of 2019, Canterquip’s purchase amount is growing close to USD 100,000. Now Canterquip is planing to open the second brand shop and invite Elzoneta team to visit Botswana for shop design, marketing, advertising, ...

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    Elzoneta's Business Trip to Botswana
  • New services from Elzoneta CCTV security


    Elzoneta, full name is Guangzhou Elzoneta technology CO., LTD, which is the expert in CCTV camera system business. We are manufacturer with big factory of CCTV security system products in Shenzhen and office in Guangzhou China. Our Brand have been registered successfully in the United States and China. What Elzoneta can support to our clients? *Full range of CCTV camera system products with very competitive price and top quality, AHD camera system, IP camera system and Wireless camera system are available from us. *Team of engineers for technology and security system solutions’ supporting. Some of engineers are from Hikvision, Honeywell and Siemens. No matter your projects of security system big or small, our company will handle them very well. *Professional guiding ideas for our clients in CCTV camera system’s business, including of analysis and investigation in native market and orientation of enterprise development etc. There are usually 4 kinds of clients who inquiry CCTV security system products from Africa Market. Buyers Technologies in CCTV system Experience in CCTV system Shop of CCTV cameras Show room of CCTV cameras Capital for CCTV  business General Percentage Security system companies Good Good Some of them have Yes, have Ok 10% Construction contractors little Little No< No Ok 20% Trading companies that import many Products for wholesale and retails Little Little Yes have but usually display in a mass No Some of ok, others limited 30% Yang people who interesting in CCTV system business No No No No Limited 40% Some important information will be discovered after reading this form above carefully; *CCTV camera system products’ demands are developing fast in Africa market because many clients have great interesting in CCTV camera system business who were not engage in this system business before. *Most of clients have limited technology and experiences in CCTV security system; *Most of clients do not have a shop and showroom of CCTV cameras system products. *Most of clients do not know how to begin and manage this CCTV system business. There are many customers in the wrong direction, who are going to begin such this CCTV system business, for example they always do some advertising promotion in social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram etc, finally all theirs’ efforts proved of little avail. The most importance is that the clients should open showroom or shop to display the CCTV cameras system products to show for theirs’ clients. The significance of shop and show room ? *It is big show to your clients so that your clients will know your business and products well then get trust; *It is a good way of advertising promotion; *It is a good place to meet your clients for communion and training; *Shop usually for retails and wholesale and showroom will be used for wholesale and CCTV system projects’ orders. What kinds of new services that Elzoneta will do for our clients ? 1), Guide the correct selections of CCTV pr...

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    New services from Elzoneta CCTV security
  • International Distributor Agential Proposal Agreements from Elzonteta


    As the market’s ever increasing for the security system’s products meanwhile many clients have the requirements for the Distributor Agential, some rules should be drafted from Elzoneta to raise awareness and competitiveness. Approval conditions The distributor should be a legally registered company which is engaged in the security system business at least two years. Have a certain current funds, good reputation and management, legal license for shop and related work experience of security are necessity. Complete operational team with relevant experience. Ensure more than one engineer, an installer, 2 sales, and corresponding office equipments. The target purchase quota from Elzoneta would be USD 150,000 totally each year. Ensure the actual purchase volume is over the 80% of target purchase quota, means USD 120,000, otherwise our company will reconsider the possibility of agency authorization. The distributors have to follow the sales’ policy of Elzoneta seriously. Cross regional sales are usually not allowed unless getting approval from Elzoneta. Preferential policy for the Distributors Any distributor agent will enjoy the most favorable agent price means you cannot find the cheaper products from Elzoneta than yours in the native market. Elzoneta will devote adverting in Google adwords all the year and make sure it is on the first page so that our brand and products with high exposure rate in the market. Through a year investigation, The distributor with excellent performance would be selected as image agency and be spread in Company’s official website ( Elzoneta will pay 3% of actual purchase volume in the year as a reward, when the distributor’s purchasing is over the target purchase quota USD 150,000. Any clients who have purchasing intention from Elzoneta meanwhile need native service probably, would be recommended by Elzoneta with priority. However, distributors have responsibility to recommend the products of Elzoneta. Elzonteta provide FREE service for drawing CAD of security system projects, when the distributors’ purchase amount over USD 10,000. Make sure products that will be used to the projects are from Elzoneta, otherwise are not available. Elzoneta have technology supporting all the time from the internet online. Some excellent distributors will enjoy the on-site training of the security system technology once through the approval by Elzoneta. Sustainable growth of demands and oven 4 distributors in target market of country, Elzoneta will open the branch office there for supporting to our distributors, quantity stocks, warehouse service, training, security system solutions etc. Do concerned with statement that branch office of Elzoneta will never participate in the business with clients except our distributors.

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    International Distributor Agential Proposal Agreements from Elzonteta
  • The right Solutions for logistic make your business growing up


    With the rapid development of the economy over the world, international logistic play a very important role in the international trading business. As an old sales for international trading business usually will reply same question, what is the best way for delivery my goods?  At the moment, with the logistics common sense become necessity. It is not only can delivery customer’s goods by fast and safety way but also enhance the trust each other well for the next order. ELZONTA which is expert in the security system products, CCTV camera system, burglar alarm system, access control system and Public PA system are handle for many years. We have professional team to answer and deal with international logistic cases. In general, four ways for clients can choose. . International Express delivery service When some customers need by some samples for checking and they need receive by fast way, international Express delivery will be the best choices.  By air and Door to door service (Express company do customs clearance for customers) so as to transit time normally about 3-5 days before the client receive their products.  As we all know many famous international Express companies can choose such as DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx, TNT etc. .By air for cargo Some airline companies provide cargo service as well. Comparing to the international Express, more quantity products can take and little cheaper will be are the merits for the way by air cargo, while the clients need the ability to the customs clearance. When the customers can get their products depends on the power of the client’s ability to customs clearance. .By LCL LCL shipment is commonly used to describe an international ocean freight service that was designed for shipping boxed, crated or palletized cargo from or to the USA that can’t fill an entire 20’ or 40’ foot container. When you are shipping LCL cargo you are paying for the space that you use in the container, and LCL cargo ocean freight rates are calculated by volume(per cubic meter/cubic foot) but not by the weight . Such this kind of way can cut down the cost for the shipment too much and let many small and middle orders come true. . Shipping by container When the client’s purchase have quantity big enough CBM for the containers, we can suggestion customers choose the way of shipment by containers. There are commonly have three size (20’ feet 28CBM, 40feet 58CBM, 40HQ 68CBM) can choose.  It is import for ensuring the exactly CBM before booking the container. What we mention above are the four solutions for clients, all of them is the results of years of practice. We hope the clients can get what their need after reading this article.  Elzoneta will spare no effect to provide not only high quality security system products but also good service for shipping for the clients. Thank you for taking time to read our news. Any questions please inform us ,we will ...

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    The right Solutions for logistic make your business growing up
  • Free CAD engineering drawing the first cooperation in Africa market


    Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of the computer systems (or workstations) to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. Its use in designing electronic systems is known as mechanical design automation (MDA) or computer-aided drafting (CAD),which includes the process of creating a technical drawing with the use of computer software so that CAD is widely used in multi-field nowadays, in the design of tools of machinery and in the drafting and in the design of all types of buildings, from small residential types (house) to the largest commercial industrial structures(hospitals ,supermarket, hotels, and factories ). What we mention above can imagine easy that how import CAD engineer drawing when people begin to build the whole security system (CCTV camera system, Access control system, burglar alarm system), for example the whole ip camera security systems for supermarket , how many and what kind of cameras(dome or bullet ), where to install have to follow the CAD engineer drawing. There is an old saying about business, “Customers first, Services foremost”. Our company believe that saying firmly means that all the things do just to meet the market demand. We find many inquiries from Africa countries for the security system customers that most of whom  usually ask the same question before making order same as, can you help us to design the whole system and make the CAD engineering drawing . We can’t get the reasonable causes till the deeply investigation be made by ELZONETA , low education result in few people get this knowledge well so that the price in market too much high as well. However CAD engineering drawing is widely used in China market nowadays so that ELZONETA make decision to give special service for Africa market that free design CAD engineer drawing for the whole public security system when make order totally over USD10,000 for first time . ELZONETA will spare no effort to supply best products and solutions to match and meet customers demand.

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    Free CAD engineering drawing the first cooperation in Africa market
  • Africa-China Hand in Hand


    One history we need Recommit China and Africa have good friendship, since 1949 when the people’s China established. In February 1965 ,President Nyerere of Tanzania made first visit to China , he expressed the desire of requesting China to assist the construction of Tanzania-Zambia railway.In June 1967, President Kaunda of Zambia visited China. republic of During he stay in China with Chairman Mao, he also sounded out the opinion of request to construction of such a railway. Finally, China government signed the formal agreement which declare how to invest and construct the railway with Zambia and Tanzania. In 1970 this huge project dynamic construction . Many Chinese experts and engineering technicians did all the work of exploration, survey and designing, meanwhile, thousands of works worked hard day and night together with native people . In 1976 this railway was completed . 1860 kilometers totaly,320 bridge ,22 tunnels,93 stations ,all of these figures show that is huge and incredible project in that era. The period of time which China was so poor and also eye with hostility by imperialist countries. This significant project show the world that China support to the African countries in their efforts to win and safeguard national independence and to develop their national economies as well as of actively boosting the friendly cooperation between the China and the third world countries. The One Belt and One Road initiative The One Belt and One road initiative was announced by President XI JinPing in 2013 .When complete ,OBOR is commonly known, will connect China via rail and shipping links with major markets in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Billions of dollars will inject to Africa for new rail, shipping, airport, port and many public project.What more is many companies invest large amount of capital to Africa market to make business as well . We are firmly believe that the economy in Africa will embrace the Spring wind to grown up strongly. The Crisis for Africa market and What  ELZONETA  will do Why the economy in China kept growing fast during past 30 years , one of most import reasons is China have safe social environment. Nowadays Robbery,Theft Murder,Rioting, and Terrorist incidents happen frequently in Africa countries so that many businessmen worry about the security problems after investing in Africa. What we mentioned above is a seriously crisis in Africa market. Building intelligent Security systems for banking &finance ,hotel, school & hospital,retail and residential  become necessarily and urgently. ELZONETA is the expert in security system to make life more safety and easy .Full range of security products, professional teams we have for customers to build their systems so that of setting up CCTV Security System, Data Transmission System, Burglar Alarm System, Access Control System, and Background Broadcast System will come true.

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    Africa-China Hand in Hand
  • South Africa exhibition


    SECUREX South Africa was programmed to start on 30 May and end on 01 Jun 2017. The meeting provide a highly valuable educational experience and opportunity to network leading minds in the field, as well as a worldwide community of more than 6000 Security & Defense and Safety professionals from every subspecialty. Our company realized that it would be a good chance for us to understand market needs and consumer behavior. We decided to take this exhibition . It is really the largest and leading security exhibition in African. You will see from the picture above .There are o lot of visitors same as us waiting out of the entrance to participate in the exhibition in the early morning. During the security Exhibition ,we checking products with the suppliers, talking with the customers from native and neighbouring countries as well. After Exhibition we visited some customers that some of them from South Africa others from Zambia, Tanzania, Cameroon and Nigeria. Topics for CCTV System, Burglar Alarm System & Access Control System, Background Broadcast system and Security Solution & Technical Support were discussed and mentioned frequently when we met. We get analysis for Africa market.South Africa is a big and mature market ,CCTV Surveillance ,IP Camera Security System and Access control system’s products have great demand.Security company play an important role in the South Africa market. Excepting South Africa ,security markets for other countries such as Zambia, Tanzania, Cameroon and Nigeria have good opportunity for us . These countries prefer Security Camera System and Radio Broadcasting to other security systems. How to build the whole security systems and how can give Technical Support? These questions need to solve urgently. Thanking for this exhibition in South Africa ,that give us the chance to know more about Africa security market. We will Spare no effort to supply good products and solutions to meet customers demand.

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    South Africa exhibition
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