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Sales Manager------Nearly 8 years of rich experience in export and import
trade, professional suggestion can be provided in any parts of it. In the
field of security system for 6 years, familiar with the operation of all
products to provide technical support.

Sales Director----More than 10 years of experience in the field of security
sales, familiar with security market especially in Africa, receiving the latest
security information in order to give you professional advie and services

Sales Manager----About 8 years sales experiences, familiar with various
products, focusing on the analysis of each country's needs for security
products. Choosing the most suitable products for you.

Sales Engineer----More than 15 years experience in the field of security
system, used to work in the world's top 500 companies such
as HONEYWELL, SIEMENS, HAIER. Having professional knowledge and
advice on security area. Now is committed to the development and
maintenance of products.

Sales Analyst---About 10 years on experience for analysing products,
good at capturing data from major websites to analyze data on a variety of
products to understand the needs of them. Helping customer to find
precision products.


Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.

Have A Question? Pls call us or email us for quick answer.