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Swing Flap Barrier Gate Intelligent Integrate Passage Max 99 Seconds Retention Time


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Swing Flap Barrier Gate Intelligent Integrate Passage Max 99 Seconds Retention Time

The Intelligent Swing Barrier Gate can be passed through quickly and smoothly without checking to improve the management of the access control.
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EC-ACS-AB01   Swing Barrier Gate

1.   Logic function of bi-directional passing for single or groups

Supporting the input of continuing opening signal of 1~ 99, it can set retention time through the upper machine, Maximum: 99;

Supporting the passage’s logic detection and status output;

Supporting the passage’s logic close control or the upper machine’s compelling close command;

Supporting bi-directional passing counting output.

2.   Logic function of backpack, suitcase, etc.

Only supporting the carrying of no more than 500mm;

Swing bar trigger processing of 300mm within the body and within 500ms (can be set as 300~500ms)

3.   Unusual logic alarm function

      Intrusion alarm
a.   After one direction’s opening, it will alarm when someone intrudes from the other;
b.    Intrusion alarm when there are followers;            
c.    After opening the door, it will alarm when someone waits overtime in the detecting area.

4.    Unusual logic function that can’t be coped with Two or more people advancing abreast or one person holding another;

Following within 300mm;

After one direction’s opening, someone intrudes from the other when the person who aroused the opening is still in the closing area;

It will cause false alarm when the height of the luggage is over the logic one of pedestrians.


Dimension of the case

 L 1460*W 200*H 1020 (mm)

Material of the case

304 stainless steel:  thickness: no less than 1.5mm

Passage length


Material of the door

304 stainless steel pipe or 10mm PVC

Passage width

600~900.   (Can be customized)

Installed condition

indoors/outdoors (with a shelter)

External packaging case

L 1540*W 280*H 1180 (mm)

Working voltage

AC220V ±10%

Power Consumption

dynamic: 100W; static: 30W; peak: 150W

Working temperature


Storage temperature



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